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Unconscious Bias 

This training course is intended to raise awareness about the harmful effects of unconscious bias in the workplace. It will help employees identify their unconscious biases and how to address these biases through specific strategies and behaviours.

Geography Covered: America | Duration: 30 minutes


Civil rights and other anti-discrimination laws play a critical role in securing equal workplace treatment for everyone. But a diverse and inclusive workplace requires more than simple adherence to the law. Instead, it requires us to confront our ‘unconscious bias.”

Unconscious bias can affect how we treat our colleagues, even if we consciously reject prejudice and discrimination. We instinctively categorize others based on their appearance, age, gender, sexuality, income level, education and other characteristics.

Biases can affect different people to varying degrees. However, no matter how unbiased we think we are, we may subconsciously hold negative opinions about people who are different from us. These biases are impediments to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

The topics covered in the course include:

  • Define unconscious bias and identify potential triggers;
  • Explore different types of unconscious biases; and
  • Learn behaviours and strategies to promote inclusion.
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