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Compliance Learning

Educate your employees, change behavior and manage risk.

400+ pre-designed courses on regulations across jurisdictions, in 40+ languages!

Thomson Reuters Compliance Learning programs ensure your employees' readiness to take the right decisions. The courses are also designed to measure the value your compliance programs are delivering in real-time, enabling you to take steps towards achieving effective compliance management.


Build your culture of compliance

Introducing Our New Anti-Money Laundering Courses

AML enforcement remains high on the agenda of regulators. Comply and upskill your team with AML Courses, where you'll explore all aspects of money laundering through interactive games in the new modular approach.

ESG Compliance Learning Courses 

Looking to educate your organisation on incoming ESG regulations? Discover how ESG Compliance Learning courses can upskill your teams as you'll explore corporate social responsibility (CSR) and understand the key considerations in developing sustainable investment strategies.

Designed for knowledge retention

Thomson Reuters Compliance e-Learning courses are tailored to support your business at a country, regional, and global level. Our in-house content specialists track 1000+ regulators and exchanges globally to provide you with a library of compliance training courses that reflect the latest laws and regulations.

Engaging, interactive & fun

Clarify abstract and difficult concepts with practical examples and game-based learning modules.

Simple learning

Reinforce critical concepts with a steady flow of short, impactful microlearning modules.

Global coverage

Choose from 400+ courses in 40+ languages, for standardized & cost-effective learning across all regions.

Easy delivery, scalable

Quickly blend into your training program with web-based modules requiring minimal technical integrations


Customize course to meet your exact specifications on any governance, risk, and compliance topic.

Continually updated content

Be always assured of access to up-to-date compliance training, while you focus on core activities.

Take the risk out of business continuity

We could not sacrifice engagement, interactivity and replace the classroom experience with a dull online course that mimics a PPT. Thomson Reuters' domain expertise in risk management and their course development capability allowed them to understand our requirements.
Experience the difference of expert digital compliance training