Indirect Compliance software

Simplicity and accuracy meets automation.

Being tax compliant shouldn't be complex and time consuming. 

ONESOURCE Indirect Compliance takes away the need for managing spreadsheets. It streamlines the tax compliance process with real-time tax rates and rules, customizable tools. 

Regardless of your company’s locations or industry, you need the ONESOURCE Indirect Compliance software to keep up with the latest changes and complexities, saving you time so you can focus on growth, not just compliance. 

The Indirect Tax Compliance tool of choice.

Stay ahead of local and global tax regulations. With ONESOURCE Indirect Compliance, you can automate your distinct VAT and GST compliance from start to finish. Keep up with the latest changes without slowing down.      


Greater data transparency and control

Centralized Dashboard

Transparent, comprehensive view of real-time metrics on a centralized dashboard; from the source data all the way down to the transactional level and back. 

Manage regulatory change and avoid penalties

Be confident that you’re fully compliant. Our dedicated tax research team ensures all global and local tax rates, rules and regulations are always up to date. 

Reduce IT dependency

Eliminate tax professionals' dependency on IT to control your company’s tax policy updates. No major IT involvement is required to re-configure or integrate the financial system. 

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Users of ONESOURCE Indirect Compliance have reported:


Increase in efficiency


Reductions in costs

Lower risk

In managing their compliance

Key features 

Automate returns and filings

Standardize the return process across your business globally, with English and local languages available.

E-Filing compatible

Prepare Intrastat, ESL, and EPL listings, as well as new digital filings such as MTD and SAF-T.

Data management

Clean up data issues from legacy ERP systems, as well as quickly manage exchange rates and other complex inputs.

Robust Reporting

Powerful reporting capabilities for GL reconciliation, high value transactions, and more, supporting your global compliance, and data analysis process with fast and flexible reporting - giving you the tools your stakeholders need.

Connect to existing ERP systems

Import data from your existing systems for transactional and consolidated findings.

Risk Management

Streamline your review and sign-off processes, manage controls across all functions and maintain an audit trail for manual adjustments.

We take the security of your information seriously. As ISO 27001 certified, we protect your reputation and data against cyber attacks so you can focus on streamlined tax functions across your business. 

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