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Denied Party Screening

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Mitigate the risk of doing trade with debarred parties using expert systems

As your trade volumes increase, the risk and probability of doing business with restricted or sanctioned entities also go up. You could face legal ramifications for conducting business with restricted persons/companies and violating denied entity regulations. However, manually identifying denied parties and sanctions, or even using outdated search engine technology is not only cumbersome but can be risky for your business.

With ONESOURCE Denied Party Screening (DPS), you can automate the process of screening international denied party lists. Integrating with the existing ERP, CRM, and SRM, the solution automatically triggers a screening process with the addition of or change to a customer or supplier, reducing the time-consuming process to just a fraction of seconds. It gives you the power of 300 researchers, covering 240 countries in more than 60 languages. 

For enhanced due diligence, the software also offers Sanctions Ownership Research data from Dow Jones Risk & Compliance.

Automate your end-to-end restricted party screening process with ONESOURCE

Minimize financial penalties

Avoid export sanction violations, penalties, and loss of export privileges and maximize your compliance

Easy Deployment

Seamless online integration, plug-ins with major ERP/ CRM / SRM and periodic recheck of previously screened partners

Audit Trails

Get accurate record-keeping of documents and have comprehensive audit trails with a click of the button

Ensure due diligence by automating screening process

Automate diligence in trading with foreign entities

Enhanced Security

Watch out for list of global suppliers prohibited to do trade with our extensive global media research from more than 100,000 additional sources and get automatic 24*7 updates

Legal compliance

Meet due diligence requirements of the US Departments of State, Commerce, and other global agencies with audit trail of the screening results

Automate Screening

Automatically screen based on different phonetically matching algorithms, ensuring that misspellings do not yield incorrect results

Global restricted entities content

Comply with your regulatory laws and make informed decisions with 350+ global list, data collected and curated by our multilingual analysts monitored for restricted persons, companies, and embargoed countries

Risks of doing business with denied or sanctioned entities can be mitigated with ONESOURCE