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Free Trade Agreement Management

Identify opportunities to qualify goods under FTA-specific rules of origin

Navigate through existing, changing, or future FTAs

To avoid unexpected penalties, you need to keep abreast of the latest rules of origin for FTAs. With ONESOURCE FTA Management, you can deal with customs audits that threaten penalties or elimination of FTA benefits. This invaluable tool is used by some of the world’s largest multinational firms and helps you identify opportunities to qualify goods under FTA-specific rules of origin. 

Our FTA software's unique architecture can accommodate any existing, changing, or future free trade agreements, including NAFTA, CFTA, SFTA, AFTA, ILFTA, JFTA, UKFTA, CAFTA, and TAFTA.

Companies Using ONESOURCE Experience These Benefits

Automated data extraction from ERP

Ensure correct and compliant information appears on bills of materials

Reduced customs duties

Accurate application of FTAs allows companies to attain maximize profit

Up-to-date global trade content

Apply the latest rules of origin for current and future FTAs

Document retention

Systematic generation of supporting documents for easier verification

Manage the complete FTA lifecycle at an easy-to-understand, automated level

Data analysis

ind the best FTA utilization strategies in cases of overlapping agreements

Systematic origin determination and calculation

Appropriate inventory management methods for automated calculation of the value of originating/non-originating materials

Real-time reporting for FTA compliance

Easy production of custom reports for management regarding savings driven through FTAs

Supplier portal

Manage suppliers and FTA certification and validate thresholds online

Manage FTA certification

Automatic reminders to vendors of expiring or missing certification documents

Achieve more efficient and effective FTA-origin management

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