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Global Trade Content

Leverage up-to-date global trade regulatory data

Thrive globally with the power of right information

Trade regulations are rapidly changing for every country. In this backdrop, ensuring compliance even in one country is a complex task. Imagine doing the same for multiple countries across the globe where you are doing business. 

With Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Global Trade Content, you get access to a central content repository. This enables you to reference a wide range of current regulatory trade data - including tariff schedules, trade agreement rules of origin, import and export controls (OGA/PGA), and more - for over 210 countries and territories.

You get updated-in-real-time customs data from around the globe that can be shared with all users regardless of location or language.

ONESOURCE Global Trade Content enables you with 24/7 access to trade regulations around the world.

Reference 200+ tariff schedules in English and the native language in a central database

Review all additional information related to a tariff schedule such as Antidumping Duties, Binding Rulings, Additional Codes, WCO Explanatory Notes, Documents, and more

Access 450+ Trade Agreement Rules of Origin integrated with the appropriate duty rates for that tariff schedule

Utilize import and export controls (OGA/PGA) in order to know all other elements outside of duty rates that may affect the movement of a product

Access Export Classifications (ECN/ML) and License Determination for 60+ Export Control Lists

Leverage lists of embargoed/sanctioned countries, restricted parties, and restricted products in order to screen every shipment before export

Use Global Trade Content as part of a SaaS solution or integrate it within your solution by utilizing extracts or web services

Ensure trade compliance and navigate the rough waters of global trade smoothly