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Global Trade Import and Export Management

An integrated solution for end-to-end import and export management

Streamline your trade operations with an expert-driven system

Exporting and importing require efficiencies across different processes - right from the sales order, through consolidation, invoicing, to customs declaration stages. While this by itself is a major task, you also have to ensure the entire process is risk-free and fully compliant with a plethora of ever-changing government regulations.

Non-compliance fines and supply chain disruptions not only cost millions but also damage your organizational brand and reputation.

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Import and Export Management gives you full control over the entire export and import process and reduces the risk of noncompliance and overpaying duties. In addition, it helps you better manage dependencies, information and customs delays. With our solution, you can easily control document creation, screening, clearance and thereby improve compliance. 

Having full control over the export and import process helps our customers

Have Consistent Information

Centralize and consolidate all documents relevant to the import and export process. Provide accurate and consistent information to supply chain partners.

Prevent customs delays

Trace your clearance documents quickly and directly file with government agencies to prevent customs delays.

Mitigate risks

Improve the efficiency of your export determination process (e.g. embargo check, BIS license determination, etc.). Reduce errors and workload.

Improve Compliance

Improve compliance controls through tracking and documenting export licenses and user-configurable expiration alerts.

Are you realizing these benefits with your existing process?

Learn how an automated system can help!

Take Advantage of A Robust And Fully Compliant Trading Process

Manage Processes Efficiently

  • Automate the packaging process end-to-end using invoice information

  • Get access to a centralized repository for on-demand and high accurate regulatory data from 210+ countries and territories

  • Consolidate documents related to customs, shipping, clearance, and trade including bills of lading, product classifications,  airway bills, and ground transport documents.

Comply Fully

  • Integrate with your existing ERP systems to eliminate duplicate data entry and ensure end-to-end export compliance management

  • Have easy access to the existing license requirements and restrictions of any export

Reduce Risk Seamlessly

  • Screen export shipments against several international lists with 300,000+ entities. Prevent inadvertent shipment to banned or embargoed countries. 

  • Automatically calculate import/export expenses. Compare planned costs with actual costs. 

  • Automate error handling using both standard and customized rules

What you get with our export management software

Documentation control

Control all documents relevant to the export process and keep your information consistent within a centralized database.

Customs clearance control

Easily track your export clearance documents, directly file with government agencies, and prevent customs delays for deliveries of goods.

Export process control

Get fast, secured access to information at all stages and identify bottlenecks that may slow things down.

Shipping document control

Control export expenses, including bills of lading, airway bills, and ground transport documents.

Exporting and importing doesn’t have to be a hassle

Get started with our modern and automated trade management system today!