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Indirect Tax Compliance Software

Feel confident in your tax return process, in every jurisdiction you operate

Ultimate control over your Indirect tax compliance with ONESOURCE

Automate the way you manage value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), and other international tax returns and statutory filings. ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance provides a single, centralised platform lets you move beyond complex, country-specific spreadsheets to help you stay compliant wherever you do business

Managing indirect tax compliance around the world

From research to determination and compliance, you can count on Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE as the only complete indirect tax compliance solution for domestic and multinational corporations.


Centralized operations. Cost Savings. Confident compliance 

Fully automated compliance process from ERP record to return filing

A single tool, with English and local language returns, provides a common, structured, and controlled method of filing for all countries. It automates value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), sales tax, excise taxes, and other international tax returns and statutory filings.

Reduce compliance costs compared to outsourcing

Any change to a county's legislation is handled by software, that is maintained by a network of tax professionals. This helps ensure that centralized operations can realize cost-saving objectives whilst maintaining and improving quality.

High-quality and standardized VAT return preparation process and reporting

For companies file de-centrally, the software allows you to implement to use best practices in each region, with visibility to process and data across all regionsces tax (GST), sales tax, excise taxes, and other international tax returns and statutory filings.

The in-house VAT team can focus more on significant issues rather than routine ones

Move from complex, country-specific spreadsheets to an automated tool support for the entire compliance function. With rapid consolidation of data from multiple systems and your in-house teams can focus more on strategic tasks.

ONESOURCE covers more than 52 countries internationally

Centralized dashboard

Get a comprehensive overview of the tax compliance process, including real-time sales and use tax, VAT, and GST.

Global tax expertise

Get trusted content from global tax authorities and experts, certified to SSAE 18 and ISAE 3402 standards.

Flexible importing

Easily import transactional data from third-party ERPs, POS systems, e-commerce and other applications.

Digital reporting

Meet new and increasingly prevalent digital tax reporting requirements with support for SII, SAF-T, and more.

Risk management tools

automate controls to reduce the risk of human error on tax filings and sign off and record audited adjustments.

Data management

Get extensive data analysis that uses interrogation tools to ensure the integrity of your tax data.

Tax exemption control

Automate partial exemptions through group management, standard & special method capabilities, and reallocation.

Latest e-filing advancements

Get industry-leading e-file support, including parish upload in Louisiana and ONESPOT support in Alabama.

Case study

MNC captive centre automates 400+ tax returns globally & saves $127k/annum

Ready to build in-house Tax expertise with automation?