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A secure, industry leading cloud-based legal ecosystem powered by the latest in AI technology.

Individually brilliant. Powerful together.

Empower your talent to be strategic advisors and lead your organisations digital transformation journey with HighQ’s suite of tech solutions. Repetitive tasks are automated, cost is controlled and risk is mitigated; allowing legal talent to deliver high value, strategic work.

An intuitive platform that operationalises Document Automation, Contract Lifecycle Management, Legal Intake and more, HighQ is the platform of choice for in-house corporate departments, law firms and government enterprise.

Thomson Reuters has been serving the legal industry for over 65 years and with HighQ having over 120,000 customers worldwide, we are confident that we can tailor a solution for your needs.

One platform. Endless possibilities.

Simplify manual tasks

Automate workflows with industry leading AI capabilities, allowing your legal talent to have more time to provide strategic advice.

Maximise potential profits

Evaluate and review matters, documents, and contracts, reducing times from up to 2hrs to approximately 15mins.

Agile in the face of risk

Backed by the highest-grade security, the central repository provides a safe space for internal and external collaboration.

Thinking about all the different ways that we use HighQ as a firm, it’s no exaggeration that it has been a vital factor in our winning a number of key mandates
Following HARTMANN’s positive experience with both the operation and implementation of Legal Tracker, they felt confident in choosing HighQ for document automation
Using HighQ’s automated workflows, uniform documents were generated with ease and the client had complete oversight over the entire process

Seamless integration with leading business solutions you already use

HighQ is ISO 27001 certified to ensure your end-to-end data is fully protected.

Be in great company

  • 93%
    of the FTSE 100 use HighQ
  • 75%
    of the Fortune 500 use HighQ
  • 53%
    of global 100 law firms are HighQ clients
Ready to see HighQ in action?

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