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Practical Law

Trusted guidance and tools designed for legal professionals working in today's complex world. Now, with Practical Law Matter Maps, you can easily navigate your way through any legal matter with an overview of phases of work and core tasks.

Leading online legal know-how

Practical Law is the leading online legal know-how service designed to help you work faster and more confidently.

Get access to practice notes, legal updates and standard legal documents, all of which are regularly maintained and kept up-to-date daily by our team of expert editors.

With significant experience amassed in the world’s leading law firms, top companies and public sector organisations, these experts are also available to answer your questions and act as a legal sounding board on tricky points through our dedicated Ask service:

  • increase work efficiency and reduce risk
  • broaden your knowledge of the law
  • expert support when you need it.

New in Practical Law

Practical Law Matter Maps

Matter Maps provides a structured map of everything that needs to be done on a given legal matter. Gain a quick, accurate and efficient overview of the phases of work and core tasks that need to be carried out when undertaking a legal matter. Featuring: instant access to more than 70 Matter Maps; easy navigation with an interactive tile-view format; and coverage across most Practical Law areas.

How Practical Law works for you

I need to...

Draft commercially effective legal agreements that are easily understood and watertight, while demonstrating a clear grasp of the practical implications of the law.


I don’t have time to start from scratch for every new legal issue, and might not be proficient in this type of drafting or familiar with the implication of each clause.

With Practical Law

I’ll have access to high quality and up-to-date legal documents that are recognisable, easily understood, and trusted by all parties.

I need to...

Advise (HR) accurately and confidently on local and cross-border transactional work, and be able to demystify any challenges that arise.


I am unfamiliar with the legal and regulatory environment across multiple jurisdictions, lack the time to interpret the deluge of complex information, and question the reliability of the source of information.

With Practical Law

I can rely on market standard practice guidance for local and international business, with top level overviews and step-by-step guides from trusted legal experts.

I need to...

Determine the scope of possible risks, understand the legal aspects of deals as part of the corporate strategy, and establish a confident negotiation stance.


It’s difficult to find the right balance between being commercially effective and protecting the interests of both parties without slowing down the process.

With Practical Law

I have instant access to a sounding board of authoritative practical advice from a team of legal experts with immense specialised practical experience, giving me the insider knowledge to manage the process effectively with confidence.

Features and capabilities

Dynamic search

With results relevancy and search filters, content is easy to find

Powerful workflow tools

Save time with workflow tools, including automated drafting and annotation

Document delivery options

Download in PDF or Microsoft Word formats, print or share with your colleagues, or save to folders

Practical Law