Indirect tax & Tax Provisioning

Why Orica chose ONESOURCE Indirect Tax and Tax Provisioning for its functionality and ERP integration.

Orica, a world-leading mining and infrastructure solutions provider, is committed to the highest level of tax compliance globally. 

When this multinational corporation set out to standardise and streamline their tax processes, they sought a technology solution that would offer them rich functionality, while elevating governance and control across their tax landscape. 


Discover why Orica opted to introduce Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE technology when implementing their ERP platform to transform global tax provisioning, determination and compliance.  

Watch the case study now and find out how Orica is able to: 

  • Align tax processes and resources across the business  
  • Report on tax in a standardised manner
  • Ensure tax compliance globally
  • Improve control and discipline over tax adjustments
  • Streamline the audit process
  • Forecast the tax consequences of transactions 
  • Gain a global perspective on tax matters


governance systems providing standardised global processes that provide more information, making it easier analyse and audit.

Better control and discipline 

of tax adjustments, and greater visibility to trace through adjustments to the underlying trial balance.

Identify and address issues 

at the time of invoice processing, rather than at the GST or VAT return preparation stage.

Great implementation  

And operating experience of the ONESOURCE system. Thomson Reuters team were responsive, methodical, and eager to help.