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Tackle FTA complexity and discover growth opportunities 

Globally, many organisations have taken measures to diversify their supply chain but are struggling to re-define their duty optimisation strategy. With each new FTA, such as RCEP, duty optimisation becomes more complex and savings opportunities more difficult to identify.

The rules of origin have their own qualification rules and exceptions for tens of thousands of products, and the Importers of Record (IORs) have to rely on suppliers and other third parties for origin information and certification in order to qualify for FTA benefits. Some tariff rates may have built-in time restrictions, such as a requirement that goods be imported within a certain date range. Organisations currently under-utilise FTAs due to their complexity.

Organisations need to reduce complexity, mitigate risk and delivery cost savings by adopting automated, reliable and repeatable processes.

Make effective decisions for compliance and impactful cost savings

ONESOURCE® FTA Analyzer is a decision-making and analytics tool, optimised to deliver trade professionals with up-to-the-day reports detailing which sourcing countries, trade lanes, and trade agreements provide the most favorable return on investment, based on your company-specific trade data.

2022 State of Global Trade Report

Supply chain turbulence and the evolving roles of talent and technology.

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Key benefits

Streamline trade decision making

Create meaningful rationales for trade lane decisions that can be “sold” to leadership

Maximise duty savings

Prioritise the most impactful duty optimisation opportunities to maximise savings

Keep up-to-date

Stay alert to changes by revalidating and re-optimising your supply chain

Say good-bye to research

Save research time; avoid chasing down thousands of data points

Market leading global trade content

500+ global FTAs and Global Trade Content covering regulatory data for 220+ countries and territories

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