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Legal document automation software

Contract Express Features 

See how Contract Express can give you quis nostrud exercitation ullamco

Automate your document creation

Contract Express has the features you need to streamline your process and build complete, accurate legal documents.

Drive efficiencies across the business

Provide a faster, more efficient, more consistent and more compliant legal service to your clients.

Reduce cost and risk

Maintain high quality output by mitigating the human error inherent with manual drafting processes.

Work in one solution

Capture all amendments made throughout the negotiation process in easy to use web-based forms.

Automation without programming

Update your legal templates in Word without programming notation, XML markup, hidden codes or fields.

Contract Express Author

Create common clauses and terms that can be instantly shared across all templates. This proprietary authoring tool is designed for lawyers, as opposed to programmers or coding experts, eliminating the need to hire third-party template vendors.

Self service document creation

Our intuitive, web-based forms are created from templates, called questionnaires. They make self-service, signature-ready document creation easy for both internal and external users.

Customizable approval workflow in sequence or in parallel

Leverage a flexible approval process so multiple departments can review simultaneously or in sequence. Notifications and status alerts are automatically sent via email and are accessible from the task inbox in Contract Express.

Negotiator Word® add-on

Create a streamlined negotiation process and a safe and easy way to compare documents received from a counterparty.

Searchable document repository

Filter customizable data points and system-generated data to quickly locate relevant documents. Query the body of the document using our Boolean search box. Create custom datasheets organized within specific templates for quick visibility, and then download data into Microsoft® Excel.

Data analytics

Quickly grasp business insights with our analytics dashboard. Capture key usage data to assist your team in monitoring approval deadlines, analyzing template usage, and knowing where contracts are potentially stalling.

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