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Be audit ready.

Reduce risks in penalties for delays and inaccuracies and stay compliant by supply chain digitalisation.

Compliance measures required of global companies

A growing trend has seen many global organisations establish manufacturing facilities in Vietnam to take advantage of government incentives and duty exemption status for imported materials.

Given the high volumes of customs and inventory management data that needs to be reconciled, having an automation solution - which includes generating annual customs finalization reports and creating an audit trail - is critical to ensuring companies can continue to take advantage of duty exempt imports without fear of penalties and additional taxes.

Comprehensive CFR automation software that stores supply chain data in one central location, increases inventory reporting accuracy, and enhances supply chain operations.

ONESOURCE® Vietnam CFR is an inventory management solution specifically designed to support trade and supply chain professionals reconcile their annual import, export and consumption data and prepare their CFRs for submission to Vietnam Customs.

Key benefits

Automate CFR Reconciliations

Eliminate time consuming reconciliations of your customs declarations and inventory norms

Integrate your Customs and Inventory Management data

Connect directly to your ERP and VNACCS filer for source data

Generate CFR Forms

Output CFR Forms 15, 15a and 16 for submission to Vietnam Customs

Create an Audit Trail

Ensure supporting documents are available to support all annual CFR submissions

How can we help?

Does this solution also support import/export management, not only inventory management?

Yes, ONESOURCE Vietnam CFR also includes an import/export management solution, and by synchronising the master data from your ERP at the time of implementation, it enables us to provide a comprehensive solution that includes import/export management. Other customisation options are also available to meet your company’s current challenges and needs.

How do we manage paper forms (mailed, faxed, etc.)?

The scanned forms can be uploaded to the system as attachments.

Are CFR forms automatically updated when changes are made to them? 

Our supply chain experts and technical teams work together to update the system when changes are made by the administrative authorities. 

What types of trade documents can it manage?

ONESOURCE software allows trade documents in different formats such as Word and PDF. It supports a wide range of document management, such as invoices, packing lists, or shipping instructions, and can also be integrated with systems provided by third parties. Export Declarations and Import Declarations can also be centrally managed as an import/export control ledger.

We have a special system environment – how do you think you can support us? 

ONESOURCE Global Trade is system agnostic and has developed thousands of integrations with various systems and third parties. Please feel free to contact us and see how we can support you technically.  

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