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Orbitax International Tax Platform

International tax compliance software Simplify international tax tasks with easy access to research and automated workflows

Why choose Orbitax International Tax Platform?

Multinational enterprises must stay up to date with today’s international tax laws and regulations which have never changed at a faster rate. The demands for transparency and timely responses are steadily increasing, driven by the efforts of governments to expand their tax base. Save time and simplify your international tax research and compliance process with easy access to an extensive tax law database within the Orbitax International Tax Platform.

It’s essential to know how your international tax workflows are progressing and spot trends to share easily with stakeholders and advisors. Generate valuable insights from your company’s data and send customizable reports at the click of a button with the Orbitax International Tax Platform. Choose from selection tools which work flexibly together to maintain total oversight over tax department tasks and achieve global tax compliance.

What you get with Orbitax International Tax Platform

Simple tax research

Access in-depth coverage of the tax rules and tax rates of 195 countries which are maintained and updated daily

Task and due date management

Automate the tracking of all tax department tasks world-wide including entities and cross border transactions

Pre-built international tax workflows

Save time with a selection pre-built workflow templates such as CbC Reports, DAC6 and MDR, Withholding Tax Rates and more

Flexible tax workflows

Create fully customizable workflows to suit your business as it grows, based on any recurring business process and regardless of complexity

Shareable insights

Generate customizable and shareable insights and trends from your tax data and processes for total visibility into the progress of all your workflows

Effective collaboration

All internal stakeholders and outside tax advisors across the globe can stay connected, work flexibly together, and keep track of each other’s progress

How the Orbitax International Tax Platform works

Combine research, a layer of workflow, and collaboration in a single end-to-end global tax solution.


How the Orbitax ITP ensures global tax compliance 

  1. 1

    Pull data easily into Orbitax International Tax Platform using APIs, Excel templates, Uploading a PDF, Data surveys, XML/CSV files.

  2. 2

    Create your own custom tax rules and add custom tagging based on pre-set filters and country lists. Apply tax rules built into one or more Excel Worksheets via Excel upload or during the data transformation stage with ADF.

  3. 3

    Generate visual org charts based on the source data and applied tax rules. Combine source data and tax rules and export into PDF or populate customer Excel templates.

  4. 4

    Send compliant reports to tax authorities electronically or manually and distribute reports to designated stakeholders at pre-set frequencies. Easily download your reports in a variety of formats.

  5. 5

    Bring in stakeholders at any stage based on set permissions. Allow stakeholders to collaboratively review or gather data, and run automatic validation on your reports.

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