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Client engagement

Help your firm stand out by providing superior client value

Deliver state-of-the-art client experience

From initial touchpoints to service delivery, HighQ will help you create secure extranets, smart workspaces, personalised client portals, and online services that provide efficiency, transparency, and consistency.


Differentiate your firm

Build the ultimate extranet for clients, delivering a personalised workspace where you can easily and securely share documents, collaborate on matters, deliver effective project management and provide value-added products and services.

Provide unique products, services, and tools

Offer clients 24-7 access to expert content, systems, and tools that you can quickly create, publish, and manage. HighQ gives you everything from regulatory guides and comparison toolkits to real-time financial reports and self-service document assembly.

Offer complete clarity, inside and out

HighQ provides a digital interface between you and each client, giving everyone a transparent, unified picture of exactly where things stand. Matter status, billing details, archived projects, files and contracts are all securely managed in one single source of truth.

Simplify the instruction and intake process

Streamline instruction and intake directly through your extranets using online forms, workflow and process automation. Provide consistency of instructions, preventing delays in matter progress, and leveraging the data for dashboards and reporting.

Tools to boost client engagement


Strengthen collaboration with clients and partners by offering secure access to content and projects via an easy-to-use extranet system.

Content marketing

Stand apart from the competition with newsletters, guides, thought leadership reports, videos, and podcasts.

Online products and services

Create new revenue streams or offer value-added services by giving clients access to toolkits, guides, self-service documents, and more.

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