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Contract management

Discover a better way to manage, review, and approve contracts

Easily handle contracts end‑to‑end

HighQ provides a central hub for end-to-end contract management, enabling you to automate contract creation and approval, identify and manage risk as well as monitor obligations and compliance – all within a secure, collaborative platform.


Manage entire contract lifecycle in one platform

Digitally streamline the creation and management of your agreements. Draft, negotiate, execute and track all contracts in a transparent, central location.

Automate contract creation and approval

Improve responsiveness and reduce time-to-value with self-service contracts. HighQ enables business users to generate contracts from automated templates and clause libraries, ensuring speed, accuracy, and compliance.

Streamline the process with eSignatures

HighQ provides configurable contract approval workflows (with DocuSign integration) to ensure that your agreements are properly approved and efficiently executed.

Gain visibility into contract portfolio performance and risk

Get complete visibility over contract status, monitor metrics and KPIs, and leverage AI and data visualization tools to help create actionable insight, manage risk and maximize value.

Reduce processing times with powerful contract collaboration

Seamlessly work with others to protect against risk and complete contracts as swiftly as possible, all while maintaining a full audit trail.

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