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AEOI Documentation

ONESOURCE accelerates the tax documentation process

Challenges of tax documentation

Under new legislation, AEOI (FATCA & CRS) require financial institutions to solicit client data and validate tax documentation.

However, the timeframe to implement a strategy that covers CRS is too short Gathering IRS forms, including W-8 and W-9s, as well as self-certifications is a burdensome and time-consuming task prone to inaccuracies and can be intrusive to customers. 

Overcoming challenges

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ AEOI Documentation simplifies and accelerates your tax documentation process. The solution facilitates the collection, validation and maintenance of tax forms and self-certifications in any jurisdiction. Implementing our automated system and self-certification process helps you increase accuracy and reduce cost, while improving audit defense and scalability.

Achieving tax documentation success

Evolving international tax regulations are challenging financial firms around the world to implement new procedures in order to maintain compliance. With Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™, always stay one-step ahead of the ever-changing regulations so you can future-proof your reporting strategy.

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